Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Episode 2: Butterflies

Episode 2 - Butterflies shownotes:

*Disclaimer on this episode - for some reason I was really nervous and extremely self conscious - This will pass with time, please bear with me until the technical difficulties are worked out :) *

Big thanks to Diane from the Knitabulls Podcast for her mention last week! It means SO much to me!


Chubby Chirp by Rebecca Danger - flippin' adorable!

On the Needles:

Cactus Scarf (still!) Since I now have all summer to knit it, progress may slow considerably...

Wingspan (yes, still!) Should be getting done soon, I want to get started on Hexipuffs again!

For details on both of these, see Episode 1 shownotes:

On the Wheel:

Knitabulls Franklin dyed by Gnome Acres - luscious to the MAX! 100% superwash Merino

Up Next:

Froggymonkey dyed by Gnome Acres (also 100% superwash Merino)

Nerding Out:

The Fat Squirrel Speaks podcast. LOVE IT!

Master's of Science in Taxation - if you have this degree please speak up! I want to know what it is!!

Guinness Book of World Records for most wine bottles opened simultaneously - yeah, I was part of that!

BBQing! I can do it....

T-shirt of awesomeness "'s sitting, for creative people"! Found at Sheldon Comics.


  1. nothing wrong with this episode.
    Wear your glasses when they are needed, your eyes more important than a bit of glare for us viewers

    1. Thanks for your support Enid! You have no idea how much your comment means to me :) You're completely right: my glasses are far more important!
      And also: thank you SO much for watching!
      Kathy :)