Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Episode 1: Howdy!

Episode 1: Howdy! Shownotes

Welcome! I'm katb913 on Ravelry, and littlefrenchkitty on Plurk. Come by and say "hi!"

On the needles
Wingspan by maylin Tri'Coterie Designs (using my handspun Shetland from Friday Studios in the Velvet Lining colorway)

Cactus Scarf, pattern inspired by Autumn Frost's Cactus Chart (using Red Heart)

Beekeeper's Quilt KAL with my LYS (using various sock yarn - at this point it's too many to note which are which)

On the wheel
Masham from Boho Knitter Chic in the Draco colorway - soon to be coming off the wheel, it'll be used during Tour de Fleece as a challenge day project.

What's up next
-Knitting in Circles/Knitabulls Joint SAL (running May 1 through June 18) I'll be spinning both colorways by Gnome Acres!

-Harvest Dew Socks by Rose Hiver (in Geek Chic Minion Sock base Dryad colorway)

Nerding out
Roku/Netflix (specifically watching Baby Boom and The Cutting Edge)
(an un-nerding out) Hunger Games - just can't deal with all the emotionality of that book!  We'll see if I read the complete series....

That's all for this week! Have a geeky week!


  1. very enjoyable first episode. looking forward to more


  2. 1) You are seriously adorable.
    2) Masham! I just spun my first masham and I loved it. I am a fan of the longwools, though. I spun it along with the Spinners Study group on Rav. I did a single with only a little twist. You might find some helpful info in the group:
    As a longwool it's going to be way different than shetland. Good luck!!
    3) I just finished all 3 Hunger Games books. If you continue, be warned that Catching Fire ends in a cliffhanger and that Mockingjay will tear your heart out a million times and then set it on fire. I kinda wish I stopped reading after the first book - which I now consider "the happy one."

    - JoAnnaSpring

  3. Oh my goodness I loved those movies as a kid. I wish we had netflix so I could watch them!